In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, today on Ben There Done That we’re going to the greenest hike I’ve done in a long time. We head to the North Interior to hike the Oyster Dome. This hike, challenged by Gena Longstreth, has some amazing views.

There are a couple routes to get to Oyster Dome, but we chose to start at the Samish Overlook because you start out with an amazing panoramic view of the waters surrounding the San Juan Islands.

The hike from the Samish Overlook to Oyster Dome is condensed, but I just can’t turn down a good view. Roughly 4 miles round trip and about 15-hundred feet of elevation gain.

There is a lot of green on this hike. Green trees, green plants, green moss, even green shaded rocks.

Many years ago, this area was logged. So throughout the hike you can find logging artifacts. There are still many gigantic tree trunks from the first generation trees that used to stand there.

This is a dog-friendly trail, and my dog “Bear” certainly enjoyed taking the lead.

Most of the hike leads you through evergreen trees. After a few switchbacks, you break out into the open atop of the promontory known as Oyster Dome. It’s another breathtaking view overlooking Samish Bay, the San Juans, and even Anacortes in the distance.

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