Disclaimer: The road to the Naches Peak Loop is now closed for the winter. Keep this on your "to-hike" list for next year!

The Naches Peak Loop is a 3-mile loop that takes you around Naches Peak which sits on the border between Wenatchee National Forest and Mount Rainier National Park. We got one last sunny day to enjoy the winter scenery.

Start your hike at the now frozen Tipsoo Lake. In order to get the best views of the big mountain, do the loop clockwise. A walking bridge takes you over Highway 410, and you are now on the Pacific Crest Trail as you work your way along the north and east side of Naches Peak. Watch out for elk tracks who frequent this area.

After you round the east side of the Peak, Mount Rainier comes into view, and on a clear day, it is breathtaking! This is a great lunch spot!

A little over three miles later, you return to your starting point completing the loop.