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Ben There, Done That: Moss Lake

Even in winter you can find vivid colors on this trail.

We often believe hiking season ends with winter, but it doesn't have to. We're doing more accessible hikes during the rainy winter months. On this day, we head to Moss Lake in the Cascade foothills just outside Carnation. It features a beautiful untouched lake as well as a great hiking loop.

Credit: Ben Dery
Leftover fall leaves make for a colorful backdrop during this winter hike.

Begin your hike at a small parking lot. At the trailhead, grab a map for a better idea of where you’re going. The colors are plentiful during the fall months. And a thick green carpet gives you an idea of why they call it Moss Lake.

Credit: Ben Dery
A mossy trail leading to Moss Lake.

Moss Lake itself is an extremely valuable resource from an ecological point of view due to its relatively unaltered nature.

It’s good to know that even during the rainy winter months, you can still find plenty of space to explore.

Credit: Ben Dery
A winter hike up to Moss Lake.