Alaska Airlines is apologizing after a staffing shortage Friday left travelers at their destinations without their luggage amid the holiday travel rush. 

Alaska Airlines experienced a baggage handler shortage on Dec. 20 after several employees called out sick.

The airline said not only did bags not make it onto dozens of flights, but it also caused the flights themselves to be delayed. 

This issue coupled with the busy holiday travel period and difficult weather conditions wreaked havoc for the local airline. 

“With many different factors working against us, we dropped the ball, and by doing that, created an awful holiday travel experience just when people rely on us the most,” said Alaska Airlines in a statement Saturday.

The airline said as of Sunday, all bags left behind at Sea-Tac Airport have been sent to their intended destinations. 

But one traveler KING 5 spoke with said he's still waiting on his luggage as of Christmas Eve.

“They repeatedly told us that something was happening with our bags which wasn’t happening, whether it was they were staying in Seattle, or they were going to L.A., or they just kept telling us different things,” said Kurtis Wong, who left on an international trip to Vietnam and Thailand on Friday during the staffing shortage. “Then we keep hearing different stories, so we really have no idea where our bags are at this point.”

Wong's flight was canceled and then rerouted and his bags got lost in the shuffle. He has filed a lost baggage claim with both Alaska Airlines and the Philippine Airline that brought him overseas. 

So far, though, he hasn't gotten his belongings. 

Alaska Airlines said if you arrived at your destination without your bags to not leave the airport until you've filed a claim.

Here is more information from Alaska Airlines on what to do if you lost your luggage.

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