A new report finds Washington drivers face some of the worst roads in the entire county.

The American Society of Civil Engineers 2017 infrastructure report card found that 31 percent of roads in Washington state are in poor condition. That's 14,252 miles of public roads.

The report estimates that drivers in Washington face an annual cost of $656 as a result of the state's roads.

Washington ranks seventh worst among the states. Connecticut topped the list with 57 percent of its roads in poor condition. Alabama was the best state, with only two percent of its roads not making the grade.

The ASCE shared six recommendations to improve roads in Washington:

  • Consider more use of innovative project financing.
  • Improve efficiency of road maintenance.
  • Increase use of the state infrastructure bank.
  • Broaden infrastructure funding with innovative and dedicated revenue sources.
  • Investigate wider use of road safety audits.
  • Implement road-usage charging.

Lawmakers recently announced plans to test a "pay by mile" pilot program as an alternative to the gas tax. The pilot program starts this fall.

Nationally, drivers are wasting 6.9 billion hours per year delayed in traffic because of problems with bad roads, that's about 42 hours per driver.

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