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Seattle, Tacoma among worst traffic congestion in U.S., INRIX reports

And to prove it's a world class city, Seattle traffic congestion is in the top 20 in the world.

Congratulations, Seattle and Tacoma drivers. You enjoy two of the top 16 most congested commutes in America. That's the result of the annual Global Traffic Scorecard from Kirkland-based INRIX.

Seattle drivers spent an average of 55 peak hours in 2017 stuck in congestion, finishing ninth in the United States. Tacoma drivers spent 41 peak hours in congestion, good for 16th. Download the report

Seattle drivers paid $1,853 each in 2017 for that privilege of being stuck in the city's traffic congestion while Tacoma drivers spent $1,485. And since housing prices have forced many people who work in Seattle to live in Pierce County, they are likely getting dinged twice.

Congestion cost Seattle over $5 billion in 2017, according to INRIX. Tacoma lost $2.4 billion.

Seattle also made an international mark, finishing with the 20th worst congestion among major cities around the world -- right between the Russian cities of Krasnodar and Saint Petersburg.

Portland finished 12th in the U.S. with 50 hours lost to congestion and $1,648 per driver.

Los Angeles finished No. 1 not only in the nation but the world. INRIX said the average La La Land driver spent $2,828 in 2017 to spend 102 hours in congestion. It cost the city over $19 billion.

New York City (91 hours, $2,982 per driver) finished second in the U.S., followed by San Francisco (79 hours, $2,250), Atlanta (70 hours, $2,212) and Miami (64 hours, $2,072).

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