Tech workers in Seattle are making more and their salaries go further than those in competing markets, making the city the top relocation destination for workers elsewhere. Those are the key findings in the third annual State of Salaries report, released by the job search site Hired on Thursday.

According to Hired, the average tech worker in Seattle is now making $132,000 a year — just below the global average of $135,000. It represents a steady rise in Seattle, which saw pay at $125,000 in 2015 and $129,000 last year. The amount refers to base salary and does not include equity, bonuses, etc.

With Silicon Valley as the benchmark, Seattle scores well when adjusted for cost of living, at $182,000. That figure ties with Los Angeles and is second to Austin’s $202,000 adjusted figure. A tech worker who left Seattle for San Francisco would need to make $50,000 more to maintain her standard of living.

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