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Tumwater man comes down from tree after timber harvest protest

A Tumwater man who lived in a tree for over a week in protest of a planned clear cut could face trespassing charges.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — A Tumwater man who protested a timber harvest by camping up a tree has come down and could face criminal charges.

The man came down on his own Sunday night and was arrested, according to the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The state is investigating and could request local prosecutors file trespassing charges.

The man had been living on a piece of plywood, under a tarp, about 75 feet up a Douglas Fir within a 187-acre piece of the Capitol Forest, which are state-owned lands near Olympia.

The property was slated to be clear cut with the proceeds set to benefit Thurston County, according to a DNR spokesperson.

Two other protesters were cleared out of the area last week, but the man in the tree refused to leave.

Activists said the protest was part of an attempt to get clear cuts banned in Washington.

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