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Seattle pub celebrates Earth Day with people-powered kegs

People-powered only kegs will be walked, biked, and hiked to Seattle's Latona Pub in honor of the Earth.
A dog pulls a keg of beer to Latona Pub in Seattle in honor of Earth Day. (Photo: Courtesy of Latona Pub)

On Earth Day, a local pub is celebrating the environment with brews.

For six years, Latona Pub in Seattle celebrated Earth Day with keg walking events to raise awareness about how our actions impact the environment.

During the week-long festivities, the pub pours only people-powered brews. Breweries deliver kegs to Latona pub by bikes, boats, and hand trucks. The only rule is no motors.

The pub is hosting a Feet First benefit Wednesday to promote safe pedestrian practices in Seattle while walking kegs from the Ballard area to the pub. Events start at 7 p.m. Wednesday with a live auction and live Rhumba music by Guitarist Leif Totusek.

The Latona crew will trek through Ballard on Thursday with Urban Family Brewing, Ruben’s Brews, Stoup Brewing, Hales Ale Brewery, and Maritime Pacific Brewing.

“We live in a unique place where world-class beer is merely a walk, a sail, or a cycle trip away from a plethora of diverse and innovative breweries,” Latona Pub wrote in a statement.

On Saturday, the pub will host a celebration benefiting the Brewshed Alliance, an organization that works to protect the wild waterways that are essential to producing good beers.

The longest trip this year will be from Bellingham. Two bartenders, Jeff Wofford and Justin Ellenson, and a group of their friends will bike more than 300 miles while carrying four kegs to Latona.

The pub says it has a food tradition of using the most sustainable farms, recycling bottles and boxes, and raising money for nonprofits dedicated to preserving natural resources.

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