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Puget Sound's tide was the lowest it has been in more than a decade

A wobble in the moon is causing the lowest tides in years for Puget Sound this week.

SEATTLE — On Wednesday, Puget Sound's tide was the lowest it has been since Jan. 11, 2009, according to Ian Miller with Washington Sea Grant and University of Washington.

Wednesday's tide was 4 feet lower than normal.

A tide as low as Wednesday's hasn't been predicted since 1951 - the 2009 tide was lower than predicted.

Another low tide is expected Thursday for Puget Sound.

Tides are the rising and falling of the ocean largely driven by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun and their relative position to Earth. These tides are considered to be very long waves that move across the Earth's oceans. When the wave is at its highest point reaching the coast, it's high tide, and when the wave is at its lowest point reaching the coast, it's low tide.

The approach of the lunar nodal cycle peak is a driving factor for the lower tides this week for Puget Sound. Tides will be lower than average the entire week and into the weekend.

The lower-than-average tides unveil areas and ecosystems that are normally submerged by the cold, salty Puget Sound waters, providing a unique opportunity for people to check out the tidepools and marine life.

If you want a chance to safely explore the multitude of marine life with the lower tides this week, you can join beach naturalists who are part of the Seattle Aquarium Beach Naturalist Program.

This will be a great opportunity for those who are interested in learning more about the diverse, unique ecosystems of Puget Sound while keeping marine life safe from human influences.

Watch: Drone video of a low tide in West Seattle

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