SEATTLE - Puget Sound would reportedly lose 93 percent of its funding from the Environmental Protection Agency under President Donald Trump's proposed federal budget.

The Oregonian reports the National Association of Clean Air Agencies obtained a copy of the plan for major environmental cuts under Trump and new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Funding for restoration of Puget Sound would go from $28 million in the fiscal year 2016 to $2 million in 2018. See the full list

Some of the deepest cuts reportedly come to programs focusing on environmental education and environmental justice. Pruitt battled the EPA multiple times while serving as attorney general of Oklahoma.

The Oregonian reports the list is not final and Pruitt has said there may be changes.

The top ten proposed budget cuts (by percentage)

• San Francisco Bay: $4.8 million in 2016 to zero in 2018 (-100%)

• Great Lakes restoration: $300 million to $10 million (-97%)

• Endocrine disruptors: $7.5 million to $445,000 (-94%)

• Environmental education: $8.7 million to $555,000 (-94%)

• Puget Sound: $28 million to $2 million (-93%)

• Chesapeake Bay, Virginia: $73 million to $5 million (-93%)

• U.S.-Mexico Border: $3 million to $275,000 (-91%)

• Radon: $2.9 million to $505,000 (-83%)

• Gulf of Mexico: $4.5 million to $1 million (-78%)

• Environmental justice: $6.7 million to $1.5 million (-78%)

Reuters reports one-quarter of the EPA's total budget would be cut and workforce would be decreased by about 3,000 employees. Programs that would be affected include fighting climate change, air and water pollution, and lead contamination. But some of the cuts may be unpopular to both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, who would have to sign off on funding.

Trump, a noted climate change skeptic, has stated that the government's numerous environmental regulations are "job killers."