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Notice all those spiders? It's mating season in Puget Sound

You may notice more intricate webs and big spiders this time of year. But don't be alarmed, it's mating season and they aren't interested in you.

Take a look outside and you'll see an abundance of big webs and the chunky spiders who built them. After a summer of fattening up on bugs and garden pests, the spiders are ready to settle down. 

It's spider mating season around Puget Sound, but don't worry, they aren't interested in you. 

The males are starting to leave their webs and search for females to mate with. 

The two main types you'll notice are the European Orb Weaver and the Giant House Spider. While they're both at their biggest size in the fall, these spiders are harmless. 

If you encounter a spider indoors, experts advise to grab a piece of paper and a cup to relocate your arachnid house guest.

Jessica Sutherland, a staff biologist at Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, said a good place for your bachelor spider is the garage, so it can continue to eat pests, search for a mate and avoid freezing in the fall and winter.

Dangerous spiders are relatively rare in Washington. The Department of Health lists only the Black Widow and Yellow Sac spider. If you do see one, it's best to keep your distance. 

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