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Issaquah woman helps people live sustainably with mobile refill store

Aline Bloch has always had a passion for sustainability. Now, she's offering people an eco-friendly way to refill on everyday products like soaps, cleaners and more.

SEATTLE — Aline Bloch, of Issaquah, is taking her passion for recycling on the road. 

KING 5 featured Bloch nearly 10 years ago for her unique cardboard furniture and home décor creations, which led to the creation of her own store. Now, she's reducing barriers to living more eco-friendly by reusing some of the things she's learned over the last decade. 

Bloch has been hitting the streets with what she says is the first mobile refill store in the Seattle area. "Phil" is a modest delivery van that Bloch transformed with her husband to serve as a portable market.

It's official name is the Out of the Box Eco-Store. Bloch said "Phil" brings "refillable and earth-friendly products to consumers in their neighborhood, making eco-living convenient and accessible to all, especially with the pandemic going on." 

Household cleaners, soaps, detergents and many essentials are offered in a model to reduce single-use plastic waste, support Pacific Northwest eco-producers, and encourage people to consider new green habits in their communities.

Bloch's "Refill Revolution" hatched during the pandemic with deliveries, pop-ups and private parties. She specifically sources local products and aims to make low-waste living simple, convenient and accessible to all. 

"My goal is really to grow an eco-conscious community and make things simple, especially after a pandemic," said Bloch. 

Out of the Box Eco-Store is currently servicing the greater Seattle area, the eastside and Snoqualmie Valley.  

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