SEATTLE -- The industrial neighborhood along the Duwamish River in south Seattle is about to get a brand new splash of green.

A new 13-foot wall is being built by the Just Health Action organization with a grant from King County.

The wall will be covered with plants that will naturally filter pollution, dust and other unhealthy particles from the air before they spread from the industrial businesses to the residential buildings.

"This project started because the community has the highest asthma and hospitalization rate in the city," said Linn Gould, executive director of Just Health Action.

The group raised $70,000 from the county's wastewater treatment division and worked with community members to pick a project and a location.

They selected a stretch of land along East Marginal Way South for the wall.

"We picked the plants to have three seasons of color," said Andrew Schiffer. "Spring, summer and fall."

The vines, which come in seven varieties, have been growing for a year at the King County's wastewater plant in Renton.