The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will be removing creosote-treated logs that have washed up on the beach at Seahurst Park in Burien.

The DNR, working in collaboration with the City of Burien, will begin removing the logs in January as part of a statewide program to clean up Washington shorelines.

Crews will periodically visit the park to collect the logs and cut them into smaller pieces. Tarps will be used to prevent any debris from cutting the logs from getting onto the beach.

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Creosote-treated materials are especially of concern to the department because chemicals from debris can leach into marine sediment and cause toxic conditions for organisms that live in the area.

“This great collaboration between @WaDNR and @Burien will remove creosote-treated logs that have washed up on the beach at #SeahurstPark. It's one step in helping restore our Puget Sound and ensuring the long term health of our salmon, our orcas and our waters,” Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz said in a tweet.

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Private property owners who believe they have creosote-treated logs on their beach can report the logs to the DNR for possible removal through the MyCoast Washington mobile app.

Click here to learn more about DNR's Creosote Removal Program.