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KING 5 News poll: Most Washingtonians concerned with climate change

An exclusive KING 5 News poll found 77% of Washington adults are extremely concerned or somewhat concerned about climate change.

SEATTLE — An exclusive KING 5 News poll suggests more than three-quarters of Washingtonians are worried about climate change.

The survey found 45% of adults are extremely concerned about climate change and 32% are somewhat concerned. About 7% are on the fence, 10% are not very concerned and 7% are not at all concerned.

When it comes to the source of climate change, an overwhelming majority of adults surveyed also believe they could be one of the causes. Nearly one-third of adults believe humans caused almost all of climate change, and 37% believe humans caused much of it. Another one-fifth said humans caused some of it.

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Most adults also feel confident that when they’re consuming news about climate change they can tell what’s true and false; 60% of adults surveyed say they can separate fact from fiction, and just 30% say they’re confused.

SurveyUSA conducted the poll between Jan. 26 and Jan. 31, surveying 1,400 adults across Washington state. Of those voters, 37% were Democrats, 25% were Republicans, and 27% were Independents. Nearly half were from the Seattle metro area, a quarter were from eastern Washington, and a little more than a quarter were from western Washington, reflecting statewide population and demographics.