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Boeing hiring hundreds of employees to manage grounded 737 MAX jets

The company says it's looking to hire temporary mechanics, avionics technicians, people with experience with jet engines and electricians in Moses Lake.

MOSES LAKE, Wash. — Boeing just announced it will hire “a few hundred” temporary employees in Moses Lake, Washington to maintain 737 MAX jets in storage and get them ready for delivery whenever the FAA signs off on a fix for the plane’s flight control software.

The company says it's looking to hire mechanics, avionics technicians, people with experience with jet engines, and electricians. The new hires will be paid housing and meal allowances.

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In a statement, Boeing says, “Our current plan calls for all airplanes stored outside Puget Sound to return to Seattle and Everett for delivery.” 

The company refuses to disclose details on the number of airplanes stored at various sites, but as KING 5 has shown, there are planes parked across E. Marginal Way from Boeing Field -- even in an employee parking lot, at Paine Field in Everett, and at Boeing facilities outside of San Antonio, Texas. 

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Boeing also indicates that once FAA requirements are satisfied, it intends to return the MAX to service early in the fourth quarter of 2019. 

Currently, the existing fleet of planes already delivered to airlines is grounded worldwide, including 34 planes belonging to Southwest, 24 at American and nine for United Airlines in the U.S.