A new app is gaining popularity to help people find roommates. It's called RentHoop or as the creator calls it 'Tinder for roommates.'

Paul Burke, a 2014 graduate of Western Washington University, came up with the idea in his mom's house in Redmond. He then teamed up with programmers to create the app.

While Tinder helps you find dates, RentHoop helps you find someone to live with.

It connects to your Facebook profile; you write a description and a budget. Then you are presented with options: swipe left if you're not interested, and right if you are. Since its connected to your Facebook page, a user can see if he or she has mutual friends with a candidate.

"On Craigslist you don't know who is behind that post and on the app, you can see I have mutual friends with this person," said Burke.

Since its launch in May Burke says the app has been downloaded thousands of times and hundreds of people in Seattle are using it. Burke would not give specifics for competitive reasons.

"It's crazy to see how fast it's spreading," said Burke.

The app is now available for free on iPhone or Android operating systems. To download the app click here.