Microsoft will devote $50 million in grants for organizations seeking to use its artificial intelligence technology to fight climate change.

Microsoft's AI for Earth program allows organizations and individuals to access the company's advanced artificial intelligence technology, which has been used to improve operations, conserve resources, and increase efficiency in industries vital to climate change.

In Norway, Microsoft's AI technology has been used by Agder Energi, to adapt to the vacillating energy needs that electric vehicles, which increasingly tax Norway’s grid, have placed upon electrical grids.

Microsoft claims that the AI technology has reduced the need for expensive new projects to compensate for adoption of electric cars.

From collecting data about the conditions of the air, water, land and wellbeing of wildlife, the AI technology can also be trained to turn raw data into readable information about how environmental systems are changing at a global scale.

Microsoft has already awarded 35 grants in more than 10 countries to access Microsoft Azure and AI technology. Interested organizations and individuals with training necessary to utilize the technology can apply through the company website for the grants.