EVERETT, Wash. -- Schools, emergency responders and a tech company were meeting in Everett to talk about ways to use technology in public safety.

In a two-day event, some Snohomish County schools along with the police department, sheriff's department and a company called Rave Mobile are discussing ways to better protect the public. Rave Mobile makes Panic Button, an app that's designed to help teachers report active shooter situations with one touch. The Everett School District has been using the app for nearly two years. On a given day, it helps report medical emergencies to first responders. In some cases, it helps teachers stay on the lookout for criminal activity or be aware of missing children.

There are at least 2,000 customers nationwide of Rave Mobile, the app's maker. The company also offers a handful of other products like Smart 911. King County and the City of Seattle also use Rave Mobile technology to communicate with the public in emergency situations.

In short, the two-day collaboration helps Rave Mobile users learn about the best-use cases around the region. In the big picture, it helps safety officials learn who else is using the technology and communicate better with them. Some business leaders and schools are attending to see how to implement the technology in their communities, while some lawmakers in attendance will be looking at whether it's something to adopt statewide. Just recently, Arkansas adopted the technology for public schools, including universities.

The Everett School District uses Rave's Panic Button every day.

"It really is a part of how we do business every day," said Molly Ringo, Director of Maintenance and Security for Everett Schools. "It has really exceeded our expectations and we're continuing to find ways to use it that we hadn't thought about initially."

In the meantime, Boston-based Rave Mobile looks to learn from hearing the best use cases to improve its technology.

"We love spending time here in the Seattle area, and in particular in Snohomish County," said Noah Reiter of Rave Mobile. "Just because of how supportive our user base has been here in providing that feedback and guiding the future of the product."