Automatic turns any car into a "connected car". The plug-in adapter is compatible with nearly every newer car. Simply add the adapter, configure the free mobile app, and Automatic will encourage safer, more fuel efficient driving habits. More than fuel economy the $100 gadget will help you remember where you parked the car, and even alert emergency services in the event of a crash. Other features include the ability to log business mileage and diagnose vehicle status indicators. ($100,

ConnectSense is another simple to install, easy-to-use, accessory. Plug the smart outlet into your standard outlet for the ability to control your devices from anywhere. No need to buy "smart" appliances, with the Smart Outlet, you can tell Siri to turn on a device from anywhere. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, the ConnectSense is for iOS users. ($80,

Nest smart thermometer will take over your home's heating and cooling. With the ability to control your climate from anywhere, the learning thermometer adjusts to your routine. Puget Sound Energy customers may receive a $75 rebate through 2016 when they install a Nest. ($250,

Luminaid makes eco-friendly portable lights that are solar-powered. The portable, inflatable, lights provide light for outdoor activities or emergency services in disaster relief areas. Touch of Modern, a website selling unique and clever gifts, sells Luminaid PackLite 12 and a color-changing LED lantern perfect for summertime parties. They're even waterproof! (various,

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