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App helps visually impaired navigate Sea-Tac airport

The app is a first of its kind used at Sea-Tac Airport.

Navigating an airport can be confusing enough for people with normal vision. But for those who have trouble seeing, the new app from Aira can help do the navigating.

Sea-Tac is the first airport on the west coast, and one of the first nationwide, to make the app available.

The visually impaired person can launch the app from their cell phone and connect with a sighted agent through streaming video and audio. The agent can see an airport map and the location of the person at the airport. The agent can see what the camera on the phone sees when pointed forward, or the image from a camera mounted to a special pair of glasses. The agent can then tell the person in real time what is ahead of them, to turn left or right, or to move the camera around for a better view.

While Aira charges a monthly fee to users, Sea-Tac will pick up the minutes while the user is at the airport.