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PODCAST | Silvi Knows: Huskies coach Heather Tarr

Huskies softball coach Heather Tarr joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to about her current team, the program's success, and her hope to stay at Washington.
Credit: KING 5 Sports

Heather Tarr has been part of the Washington Huskies athletic program for nearly three decades, both as a player and a tremendously successful head coach of the softball program. She led the Huskies to a national championship in 2009, her first year as head coach.

Tarr joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to not only talk about her current team, but about all the keys to the program's success and why she hopes to stay at Washington her entire career (7:00). 

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From coaching on the staff of Team USA at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics (10:00), to coaching with her husband J.T. (13:40), Tarr shares some great stories from her career including her bucket list moment at Williamsport, PA (25:35). 

She also weighs in on baseball's sign-stealing controversy and the similar problems she's had to deal with in her own sport (15:32).

We also talk about some funny off-the-field experiences like her and her husband's Halloween costume (32:00), her attempt at winning a chili cook-off (33:40), her specialty as a baker (27:50) and even training her cat to do tricks (36:15). That's all this week on the Silvi Knows podcast.

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