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Eternally Awkward: Seattle author talks about living with ADHD

Author Amy Liz Harrison talks about why getting her ADHD diagnosis was "liberating."

SEATTLE — April is stress awareness month. For people coping with ADHD, stress can make symptoms worse.

This week on Mindful Headlines, KING 5’s Jessica Janner Castro spoke to author Amy Liz Harrison. Harrison, who now lives in the Pacific Northwest, has just released a book titled “Eternally Awkward” where she explores her diagnosis of ADHD.

Approximately 10 million adults have ADHD, according to the National Resource Center on ADHD.

“Getting a diagnosis, it was a freeing, it was a liberating experience for me,” said Harrison. “I think there is a lot of shame associated with some of these conditions, especially things around mental health.”

ADHD, Attention-Deficit /Hyperactive Disorder, is usually diagnosed in childhood and lasts into adulthood. The causes and risk factors for ADHD are unknown. For adults, symptoms can cause difficulties at work and in their personal lives; adults with ADHD may have inconsistent performance at work, quit jobs frequently, have difficulty completing household chores, and struggle with organizing or paying bills, among other things.

“My psychiatrist had suggested that I get tested for ADHD. He saw it way before I did,” commented Harrison who sought professional help. Mental health counseling, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, can be extremely helpful for adults managing ADHD.

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