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Mindful Headlines: Is Washington’s COVID-19 vaccine lottery a 'Shot of a Lifetime' or just hype?

Professor Garrett Milam speaks on the Mindful Headlines podcast about Washington’s vaccine lottery and how it may influence someone's behavior.

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This week on the Mindful Headlines podcast, we’ll take a deeper look at Washington state’s COVID-19 vaccine lottery. Gov. Jay Inslee announced the “Shot of a Lifetime” lottery in early June with several big prizes and a grand prize of $1 million.

University of Puget Sound Professor Garrett Milam, Ph.D., explains how the vaccine lottery is different from a traditional lottery, how it might change some people’s behavior, who is influenced by this kind of incentive, and why we often daydream about winning the big prize.

Milam also examines the idea that extrinsic incentives can sometimes “crowd out” intrinsic incentives, which might explain why some people feel the lottery idea is repugnant or “icky.”

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