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Mindful Headlines: Why mentorship can change your life

Seattle University's LaKesha Kimbrough shares about the power of mentorship and how it can enrich our emotional, physical and mental health.
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“We all need mentoring and could benefit from mentoring.”

So, how do you find a mentor? Who should be a mentor? And how do you become a successful mentor?

This week on the Mindful Headlines podcast, host Jessica Janner Castro talks to LaKesha Kimbrough, who oversees the mentoring work Seattle University does in the surrounding community. Kimbrough shares the importance of mentorship, both for the mentor and mentee.

“Meaningful, intentional connection leads to meaningful relationship,” said Kimbrough. “As individualistic as we can feel, seem and operate…we crave connection with other people. Having meaningful, healthy, deep, rich connection with folks really does enrich our emotional health, physical health and our mental health.”

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A study done in 2020 at Northwestern University looked at mentorship in STEM fields and found that mentees were significantly more likely to become superstars in their fields.

If you’re a professional looking for a mentor, Kimbrough suggests starting with a small act.

“You might not even go into it thinking this person is going to be my mentor,” Kimbrough said. “It might happen organically where you’re having a conversation with someone and you say, ‘Can we meet again for coffee? I just have a few questions.’”

If you’re seeking to become a mentor, Kimbrough says even once a week or once a month can be beneficial.

“When we’re being really intentional, it’s amazingly powerful. Feeling connected to other folks makes us feel like we belong, and when we feel like we belong, we have a greater self of sense worth,” said Kimbrough. 

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