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Affordability forces Seattleites to make sacrifices to stay

Some Seattleites said they had gone without internet or a safety net in order to afford to stay in their home in the city.
Joe Simpson works on a project with his son Felix in their home in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood.

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If longtime Seattleites want to stay in their homes, they probably need to make some sacrifices.

For Joe Simpson and Monica Barroga, that has meant huge changes in their lifestyle.

The couple explained they only recently got internet in their house. They used to go to the library or the nearby Starbucks to surf the internet.

“Yeah, I didn’t even think about that,” said Simpson. “We’ve become completely used to living without amenities like that.”

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Amy Douglas has given up saving for her future, so she can stay in her home.

“I can’t have the power turned off in this house. I can’t have the bank take it away from me,” she said. “I’m getting by.”

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