Firefighters are often called heroes. Tony Kittrell has been a Prince George's County, Maryland firefighter for almost 20 years, but that is not what this story is about. It is about what he does as a part-time job.

Kittrell is a real-life hero by day, but by night, he creates superheroes in comic books.

"One of my coworkers in particular calls me Black Titan," explained Kittrell. "Titan is the character I came up with who’s the black Superman.”

Kittrell owns an entertainment company with a line of comic books and graphic novels – sold worldwide — and Titan: The Ultra Man was the first.

"He's a firefighter," said Kittrell.

Sound familiar?

"The story details this superhero in his actually life who becomes an actually superhero. He has to manage going through a divorce, custody of his kids, and still be a superhero. Still be the man that people think he can be," Kittrell explained.

Kittrell has a company called Advent Comics. He is behind the stories and others bring them to life on the page.

"I can draw a stick figure, so the artist will know what I want the character to look like," said Kittrell.

His slogan is ‘putting the SOUL back in comics’.

"There weren’t many people of color doing comic books," said Kittrell. "So that was my catch phrase to let people know I’m coming.”

Kittrell thinks that black superheroes are getting more attention. Especially with the smash hit-- Black Panther-- and now Black Lighting on TV.

You can check out Advent comics anywhere books are sold.