The NFL has made a scheduling change for the Seattle Seahawks vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Week 14 matchup.

Kickoff has been moved from 10:00 a.m. PT to 1:25 p.m. PT on Dec. 10 in Jacksonville. The game will be broadcast on the FOX network.

No changes have been made to the Sunday Night start time.

The National Football League employs a “flexible scheduling” process for Sunday starts in Weeks 10-15 and 17 but is not applicable to games airing on Thursday, Saturday or Monday nights. A schedule change Weeks 10-15 must be announced 12 days before the matchup in question.

Per the NFL: “Flexible scheduling ensures quality matchups in all Sunday time slots in those weeks and gives ‘surprise’ teams a chance to play their way into prime time.”

Week 14 in Jacksonville was to be the Seahawks’ only 10 a.m. kickoff of the season.

In a related change, the Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants game has now moved to the Seahawks’ original early timeslot.