Seahawks owner Paul Allen's death raises legitimate questions about the future of Seattle's NFL team.

Allen purchased the Seahawks for $194 million in 1997. He has also owned the Portland Trail Blazers since 1988.

So what happens now?

Most sports business experts agree on one thing: the teams are likely to be sold.

Brian Berger is the host of Sports Business Radio. He has more than 20 years experience working in the world of sports business, including a six-year stint in the Trail Blazers' front office from 1992 to 1998. On Monday, he tweeted that both of Allen's teams will likely be sold.

"There has been a plan in place for the Blazers and Seahawks for a couple of years in the event of Paul Allen's death," he tweeted. "Paul's sister Jody does not want to own either team, according to my sources. So look for both team's to be sold by Allen's estate."

Berger said a sale does not mean the Blazers or Seahawks will move.

"I'd put [the] chances of @trailblazers or @Seahawks moving at less than 1 [percent]," Berger tweeted. "@NBA and @NFL don't want to move either team from [their] passionate fan bases."

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told The Washington Post they both expect the Seahawks to stay in Seattle. Jones said it would be "a little unjust" for the team to be moved.

If the teams are sold, it won't likely happen during the season. A source familiar with the process told the Post a sale likely isn't imminent.

"This will be a matter of months before this is all sorted out," Berger said. "I don't expect we'll see any changes this season. In the offseason, this will probably get sorted out."

The teams are both operated under Allen's company, Vulcan. The Seahawks is worth at least $2 billion and the Blazers are valued at about $1 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Experts believe if the teams are sold the profits will go to Allen's philanthropic foundations, according to a Bloomberg report.

Jared Cowley contributed to this report. He is a digital producer for KGW who writes about the Trail Blazers and other topics. He is the co-host of the 3-on-3 Blazers podcast (listen to the podcast here). You can reach him at