PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland’s Jacqueline Wiles will miss the Olympic Games after the alpine skiier crashed during a downhill race in Garmisch, Germany.

She caught an edge in the last World Cup Race before the Olympics went down and crashed into the safety net along the course. She suffered two torn knee ligaments and a leg fracture.

Her father, David Wiles, was watching the race life when she crashed. A doctor on the course called him while they were preparing to airlift her to a clinic.

“She thought it was just a bruise,” he said.

He added “what’s tough is the timing of the injury”. Wiles was scheduled to fly to South Korea with teammates on Tuesday, but instead she flew into Portland early Tuesday morning.

Wiles said his daughter is already talking about coming back from the injury. He said she plans to be skiing again by October and is talking about the 2022 Olympics in China.