With hopes of bringing home its first gold medal since 1980, Tony Granato will lead the U.S. Men's Hockey team at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Granato has been busy taking on the challenge of putting together a roster of non-NHL players while also balancing a full-time job as the head coach of the University of Wisconsin.

But Granato says it's been the honor of a lifetime.

"It’s not been difficult, I’m the coach at the University of Wisconsin, all of the attention that needs to be focused on our team has been just that," Granato described.

Team USA Olympic men's hockey coach Tony Granato is also the head coach at the University of Wisconsin. 

And with NHL players sidelined for the Olympics, it'll be a completely new look for Team USA and a huge opportunity for many new Olympians.

"I think the general response has been wow, I have a chance to be part of an Olympic team or the chance to make an Olympic team. Their energy, passion and excitement is going to be what our identity of our team will be."