August Baik from Seattle is one proud grandson.

His grandma is 73-year-old Kim Kwi Jin. She competed in the Olympics for South Korea in long track skating in 1964 and 1968.

Fifty years later, she's back in the Olympic spirit, carrying the torch through South Korea.

"It's rarely ever gonna happen in your entire life. So, that's why I think it's pretty awesome to see my grandma run the torch," said August.

August is wearing the hat she wore during the Olympics.

"She's pretty awesome," he said.

"We always grew up watching the Olympics," said Hae Won Baik, Kwi Jim's daughter who lives in the Seattle area. "I don't think we ever missed an opening ceremony. I do remember her getting teary every single time we were kids. I didn't quite understand, but I do get it now, 'cause for her, she's been training for the Olympics kind of most of her life and the Olympics have been a part of her life for so long."

Hae Won says her mom has always been humble about her athletic ability. And while she never had the chance to watch her compete, on this day, she's beyond proud of everything her mom stands for.

"Oh my god. I'm super emotional," Hae Won said.

"Her being the matriarch of the family and being a warrior that she is, it's an inspiration to everyone in the family," said Veronica Baik, Kwi Jin's daughter-in-law. "No matter what happens, you have this moment like that...And she is. She's writing history for us."

Kwi Jin is not done with her Olympic duties. She will also help carry out the Olympic flag during the opening ceremony.

"Oh, I'm just very happy....Just proud of her," said Woong Ki Baik, Kwi-Jin's husband.

"I think every person who had loving parents, who've always wanted their parents to get that kind of attention, she's literally going to be on the world stage," said Hae Won.

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