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Olympic Hopeless: Jake and Mimi try figure skating

Jake and Mimi visited OlympicView Arena to get some pointers on what it takes to be Olympic figure skaters.

MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, Wash. — Figure skating is one of the marquee events of the Winter Olympics, which can gain a lot of attention from casual fans tuning in to the action.

While it is one of the most visually exciting sports to watch during the Winter Olympics, there is more to it than just flashy costumes, sequins and spins.

To help teach us the basics of figure skating, we called up Kayla and Kamden Black, a brother-sister ice skating duo from Snohomish. The talented siblings won the bronze medal at the 2019 U.S. National Championships.

The pair started skating in 2013 at OlympicView Arena in Mountlake Terrace. They spend a lot of time practicing there, and they also teach children as young as 5, so we knew we were in good hands.

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Kayla and Kamden started by teaching us how to fall because, inevitably, it will happen. It's important to know how to safely fall and get back up to try and prevent injuries.

Next, they taught us how to do the swizzle, stroke, and crossovers. But skating together and being in sync took a little more coordination.

Then, we felt bold and thought we were ready to learn how to do a lift.

It looked fairly easy when Kayla and Kamden showed us until Jake lost his balance, and we both tumbled onto the cold, hard ice. 

Luckily, we weren't injured. We just got up with a bruised ego.

Watch why we likely won’t be making Team USA in the video player above, or click here to learn how to tell the different figure skating jumps apart.

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