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This is why divers take a shower after they dive at the Tokyo Olympics

Right after getting out of a pool, divers will want to immediately get wet again. There's an important reason why.

Divers get wet. It has something to do with jumping into the water. So why, then, do competitive divers immediately go to a shower or jump in a jacuzzi moments after they get out of the pool?

Lots of people seek out this question on Google during the Olympics. The answer has to do with muscles.

According to multiple articles that have been published over the years. Jumping into that water then jumping back out into an air-conditioned arena can be jarring on muscles, potentially causing them to cramp. Hopping into a shower, even for a few seconds, can help relieve stress on the muscles and prevent cramping and potential injury.

As Slate has noted, competitors will shower in warm water and then may jump into a hot tub. 

You may see them then take a towel up to the diving platform to wipe of their hands, arms and legs just in case they are doing a tuck on their upcoming dive.