The mayor of Ferndale declared Tuesday, February 6 will be “Doug Pederson Day,” honoring the Ferndale native and winning Super Bowl coach.

The Eagles head coach, who graduated from Ferndale High School in 1986, led Philadelphia to a thrilling 41-33 Super Bowl victory over the Patriots on Sunday.

"Doug Pederson is Ferndale," said Mutchler. "He embodies everything that is good about this town."

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Ferndale Mayor Jon Mutchler proclaimed Tuesday, February 6, 2018 will be "Doug Pederson Day." (Photo: City of Ferndale)

Pederson graduated from Ferndale High School in 1986 where he was the starting quarterback for three years. Tuesday, the school's reader board boasted the alum's Super Bowl success and their school pride.

After taking down Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the mighty New England Patriots on Sunday, Pederson became an instant celebrity.

People who know Pederson say he was always a very smart kid but what set him apart was his work ethic -- something that was instilled by his family and fostered in his blue-collar hometown.

"We didn't have a big fancy parade today or any parties," said Mutchler. "We went to school and to work to keep this community what it is -- a good place to live. That's who Doug is and why we are so proud of him."

While there were no parties Tuesday, Mayor Mutchler plans to extend an invitation to Coach Pederson to come back to his hometown and celebrate sometime this summer.

In high school, the former Ferndale quarterback led the Golden Eagles to a state tournament berth his junior and senior seasons. Pederson went on to the University of Louisiana at Monroe before playing 10 seasons in the NFL.