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Seattle Seahawks named most innovative NFL team in 2022, report says

The Seahawks ranked 18th out of 25 teams in the list, but placed No. 1 among its NFL counterparts.

SEATTLE — A new report named the Seattle Seahawks the most innovative team in the National Football League (NFL), according to Sports Innovation Labs.

Sports Innovation Labs' yearly report details the 25 most innovative sports teams by analyzing the 10 highest-grossing leagues in the world.

Each team is evaluated by three factors to compile its rankings:

  • Revenue diversification (going beyond ticketing, concessions, media rights and traditional sponsorships)
  • Technology focus (prioritizing new media experiences without relying solely on live games) 
  • Organizational agility (staffing for the future, focusing on new skill sets and prioritizing diversity)

The Seahawks ranked No. 18 out of 25 teams on the list but placed No. 1 among its NFL counterparts. The only other NFL team that made the cut were division rivals Los Angeles Rams (No. 21). In last season's report, the Seahawks were considered the 19th most innovative team in the world.

While only two NFL teams made the list this year, the report said the league is the third-most innovative when you factor in innovation levels for each individual team.

Comparatively, 10 of the most innovative teams in the world are soccer teams, according to the report.

The report noted that American-based leagues typically prefer to centralize their resources, while overseas soccer leagues allow individual teams more freedom to be innovative.

"There are benefits and drawbacks to a league pushing for centralized control and support for innovation, versus leaving teams on their own to innovate as best they can," Sports Innovation Labs said in the report. "There is no one right way to drive innovation. What is clear, however, is that it should be made a priority at the team and league level."

Click here to download the full report for more details. 

Full rankings

1. FC Barcelona (Soccer)
2. Real Madrid CF (Soccer)
3. Arsenal FC (Soccer)
4. Manchester City (Soccer)
5. Philadelphia 76ers (Baskeball)
6. Manchester United FC (Soccer)
7. Atlanta Braves (Baseball)
8. Liverpool FC (Soccer)
9. Dallas Mavericks (Basketball)
10. A.S. Roma (Soccer)
11. Minnesota Timberwolves (Basketball)
12. Borussia Dortmund (Soccer)
13. Boston Red Sox (Baseball)
14. FC Bayern Munich (Soccer)
15. Washington Capitals (Hockey)
16. Olympique Lyonnais (Soccer)
17. Cleveland Cavaliers (Basketball)
18. Seattle Seahawks (Football) 
19. Phoenix Suns (Basketball)
20. Golden State Warriors (Basketball)
21. Los Angeles Rams (Football)
22. Brooklyn Nets (Basketball)
23. Toronto Raptors (Basketball)
24. Washington Nationals (Baseball)
25. Portland Trail Blazers (Basketball)

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