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Seahawks named 14th most valuable NFL franchise, worth $4.5 billion

The Seahawks' value has increased by 29% from 2021 when the franchise was worth $3.5 billion, according to Forbes.

SEATTLE — In one year, the value of the Seattle Seahawks has increased by $1 billion, according to Forbes' annual franchise valuation list. 

The Seahawks are the National Football League's (NFL) 14th most valuable franchise, with a $4.5 billion evaluation. That's a 29% increase from 2021 when the Seahawks were worth $3.5 billion, according to Forbes. 

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Seattle's operating income, or the amount of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization are factored in, was $122.7 million in its recent NFL season, according to Forbes. The franchise's operating income was $20.8 million the previous season. 

Forbes said the average NFL team's franchise value jumped by an average of 28% in one year. That's in part, Forbes explained, because of the NFL's revenue growth (31% in the past five years), profitability (the average team had an operating income of $146 million) and the salary cap for players taking up 48% of team revenue.

The league mandates that each team equally shares over 70% of football-related revenue, but franchises are allowed to leverage their individual brands for luxury suites, sponsorships, hospitality and non-NFL events to generate more revenue.

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Despite rumors circulating over a potential Seahawks sale in the near future, team chair Jody Allen said in July she is not looking to sell the franchise.

The Denver Broncos, the most recent NFL team available on the open market, was sold for a record-breaking $4.65 billion in June.

"A time will come when that changes given Paul's plans to dedicate the vast majority of his wealth to philanthropy, but estates of this size and complexity can take 10 to 20 years to wind down," Allen said in the statement. "There is no pre-ordained timeline by which the teams must be sold. Until then, my focus - and that of our teams - is on winning."

Paul Allen bought the Seahawks in 1997 for $194 million, ushering in a two-decade period that saw Seattle win its first and only Super Bowl in 2013. The franchise value has soared by 2,219% in the last 25 years. 

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