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Seahawks face showdown with Russell Wilson as contract deadline looms Monday

Could the Seahawks lose their star quarterback if they don't meet Russell Wilson's deadline?

SEATTLE — With Russell Wilson's deadline looming Monday for a contract extension, what happens if he can't come to an agreement with the Seahawks on a new deal?

It's thought Wilson's camp wants at least $35 million a year and somewhere around $100 million guaranteed.

Is that too rich for the Seahawks' blood?

If so, would the Hawks be willing to trade their star quarterback?

That was the theme over the past week. 

Sports Illustrated started the ball rolling last Monday with an article that suggested if the Hawks trade Wilson, two first-round draft picks would be a fair price.

Former NFL coach Jack Del Rio followed that up Tuesday by saying, "don't be surprised if when we line up for the season next year, Russell Wilson isn't quarterbacking somewhere else."

Mike Florio of NBC Sports adds, per a league source, the Seahawks think Wilson would like to play elsewhere, and he may be driving a hard bargain to force their hand.

And perhaps the biggest bombshell came from Peter King of "Football Morning in America." He says, according to a source close to the talks, Wilson and his agent say if the deadline passes Monday, they don't plan to negotiate further with the Seahawks, period.

King says his source says they've told General Manager John Schneider it has to be done now or not at all. 

Let's play devil's advocate here. How outrageous would it be for the Hawks to trade Russell Wilson, especially if they get a boatload in return.

The Cowboys transformed their franchise 30 years ago when they traded running back Herschel Walker in his prime to Minnesota for six draft picks and five players.

That trade was the cornerstone of three Super Bowl championships.

Just like every person has his price, so does every team. The question is, have the Seahawks set their price for Russell Wilson?