SEATTLE — Another story has surfaced regarding Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' desire to buy an NFL franchise.

The Washington Post speculates that team could be the Seahawks, even though they're not currently for sale.

If you're commissioner Roger Goodell, why wouldn't you want the richest person on the planet to be among the NFL's elite club of 32 owners?

The league apparently keeps a list of potential owners who are referred to as "Tiger Cubs." I'm guessing that's a very small list of powerbrokers who could afford the average franchise price of 2.9 billion dollars.

Bezos has a net worth of over a 100 billion, so he's no doubt on the top of that list.

But again, the Seahawks are not for sale.

In fact, very few teams hit the market, but there a few owners the NFL would love to flush.

Like Chargers owner Dean Spanos who abandoned a loyal fan base in San Diego, so he could move his franchise to Los Angeles where fans barely hold enough interest for the defending NFC Champion Rams, much less a mediocre Chargers team, whose best record ever was 14-and-2. And in his brilliance, Spanos fired the head coach when that season ended.

I'm sure Washington fans would love for Bezos to buy the team from Dan Snyder, who's been much maligned during his 20 years of ownership.

Personally, I'd love to see Bezos buy the Detroit Lions. The Ford family has owned the franchise for nearly 60 years. The Lions rarely sniff a winning season and they've never been to a Super Bowl. 94 year-old Martha Firestone Ford still runs the show there, but Bezos would be a welcome change for that loyal fan base.

There are a few other teams who could use a change at the top - just not the Seahawks.

The Allen family has been tremendous for Seattle. Paul Allen not only saved the team in the early 90's he wasted no time hiring the best coach available in Mike Holmgren in his effort to build a winning tradition.

Mr. Allen set a great example for the city and the NFL itself, not to mention other owners or potential owners.

So Jeff Bezos, when you finally do get the opportunity to buy an NFL franchise, follow Paul Allen's model as well as his sister Jody's - hands off the merchandise.

Be passionate about your team and your city, but be smart enough to know what you don't know.

Hire football people to run the team, sit back, relax and watch the w's and the revenue pile up.