Thursday marks the three-year anniversary of the Seattle Seahawks heartbreaking loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 49.

In Minneapolis this week for the big game, Seahawks tight end Luke Willson sat down with Barstool Sports and gave a very emotional play by play of his thoughts that day on the field as the Malcolm Butler interception sealed the win for the Patriots.

You can listen to the video in full here, but be advised some language may not be suitable for all listeners. The transcript of the relative portion of the interview can be found below.

“Kearse makes the unbelievable catch. I’m jogging, jogging along going to the huddle, and I’m like, ‘Wow. That’s the David Tyree catch right there.’ And I’m like ‘What a win,'” Willson told Barstool’s Evening Yak show Wednesday evening. “And I’m like, ‘OK, let’s finish this [expletive] off, let’s go.’ So we call 19 Force is the play, and I’m like, ‘Luke 19 Force kind of relies on the tight end.’ So I’m like ‘Damn, I don’t want to be that guy who [expletives] up.’ I better make this block.

“So here I am in the huddle, and just to get a little sentimental, I’m like, ‘You know what . . . I’m a guy who is pretty focused. But at this point, I’m like, ‘Oh, we’ve won this [expltive], bro. This [expletive] over.’ We get in the huddle and I legitimately thought we were gonna call 94 Buck. I don’t want to get into the X’s and O’s, but it’s basically a zone read. Your traditional college zone read. We ran it a million times on the goal line. We motioned, so I’m like, ‘Oh, we have 94 Buck out of this, no we don’t have 94 Buck out of this. What is this play?’ And then we called a pass, and I was like, ‘Oh [expletive]! I’m gonna [expletive] catch the game-winning Super Bowl touchdown! Let’s go! Let’s go!'”

“So I got up to the line and there’s a zone side and a man side and I was on the zone side. So I’m like ‘Come on, run zone, run zone, run zone I’m getting this ball.’ They run a man coverage and I was like, ‘Oh [expletive], I’m not getting this [expletive]. I’m like, ‘We’ll be all right, we’ve run this play a bunch of times.’ And then I ran it, and I had a corner on the back side, so I didn’t see it, but I heard everybody yelling and as weird as it sounds, I could hear guys celebrating that weren’t my teammates. And I turned around, and it was probably the worst moment of my life.”