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Game-by-game prediction for the Seahawks: How many games will they win?

The Seahawks have high-profile matchups against Russell Wilson, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes this season.

SEATTLE — Editor's note: This story is part of KING 5's Seahawks season preview series. 

Predicting the National Football League (NFL) is essentially impossible.

The league changes every season, rookies make an immediate impact, and teams that benefited from a fortunate schedule last year now have a difficult pathway to the playoffs. It leaves a morass of NFL teams that interchangeably move from the bottom tier in the league to playoff contender every season. 

It's why we love the NFL, after all. 

Yet, despite the impossibility of predicting the league, we are going to do it anyway with a game-by-game look at the 2022 Seattle Seahawks. 

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Please be nice!

Let's start with Week 1 against Russell Wilson's Denver Broncos. (That's still weird to type and read and process.)

Week 1: vs. Denver Broncos (Sept. 12)

Game prediction: Broncos 27, Seahawks 13. 

The Big Game will end with a Big Seahawks Loss. (Sorry.) The home fans will certainly bring the energy for the entire game, but it won't be enough to push the Seahawks to a win. 

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Seahawks current win-loss record: 0-1

Week 2: at San Francisco 49ers (Sept. 18)

Game prediction: 49ers 24, Seahawks 17.

This game could end up being closer than expected, with the Seahawks having a chance to pull off a road victory. It will still be early on in Trey Lance's tenure as starting quarterback, which is good for Seattle because he's capable of making mistakes that could swing the result of a game. 

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Seahawks current win-loss record: 0-2

Week 3: vs. Atlanta Falcons (Sept. 25)

Game prediction: Seahawks 20, Falcons 17. 

The Seahawks' first win! Though this one is also in doubt, with the Falcons adding rookie wide receiver Drake London to its receiving corp and a possible second-year breakout season for tight end phenom Kyle Pitts. Still, let's give the Seahawks a nice home victory.  

Seahawks current win-loss record: 1-2

Week 4: at Detroit Lions (Oct. 2)

Game prediction: Lions 31, Seahawks 30. 

Another game that could go either way, with the Lions positioned to improve upon its 3-13-1 record in 2021. (Because how could it get worse?) Detroit has home-field advantage and more familiarity in their offense, giving them the slight edge. 

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Seahawks current win-loss record: 1-3

Week 5: at New Orleans Saints (Oct. 9)

Game prediction: Saints 20, Seahawks 10. 

On the road in New Orleans in one of the toughest environments for visiting teams. This one is a loss, but maybe Jameis Winston gifts the Seahawks with a few turnovers to make it interesting. 

Seahawks current win-loss record: 1-4

Week 6: vs. Arizona Cardinals (Oct. 16)

Game prediction: Cardinals 28, Seahawks 21.

With Wilson at quarterback, Seahawks-Cardinals was must-watch television. With Geno Smith at quarterback, these games should be relegated to pay-per-view. 

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Seahawks current win-loss record: 1-5. 

Week 7: vs. Los Angeles Chargers (Oct. 23)

Game prediction: Chargers 38, Seahawks 14. 

Justin Herbert is on track to be one of the NFL's best quarterbacks. He'll have no problem taking control of the game and handing the Seahawks its sixth loss in the first seven games. 

Seahawks current win-loss record: 1-6.

Week 8: vs. New York Giants (Oct. 30)

Game prediction: Seahawks 31, Giants 24. 

Now here is a much-over-do win. Thank you, Daniel Jones. 

Seahawks current win-loss record: 2-6.

Week 9: at Arizona Cardinals (Nov. 6)

Game prediction: Seahawks 17, Cardinals 10. 

Hello, winning streak! Chalk this up to a schedule quirk for the favored Cardinals, who have three pivotal games against playoff contenders (Rams, 49ers and Chargers) immediately after their home game against the Seahawks. The Cardinals looking past the scrappy Seahawks will lead to an anemic offensive performance and an upset on the road. 

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Seahawks current win-loss record: 3-6

Week 10: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Nov. 13)

Game prediction: Buccaneers 41, Seahawks 13. 

Tom Brady playing in Germany in a nationally televised game, with something to prove to a new market of fans, spells real trouble for the Seahawks. You should watch this game with your eyes closed if you are a Seahawks fan. 

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Seahawks current win-loss record: 3-7


A much-needed rest after a casual 5,200-mile plane trip to Germany. 

Seahawks current win-loss record: 3-7 

Week 12: vs. Las Vegas Raiders (Nov. 27)

Game prediction: Raiders 31, Seahawks 30.  

The Raiders will need every win they can to survive in the AFC West Death of Death (trademark pending), but they will have some real trouble putting away the Seahawks at home.

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Seahawks current win-loss record: 3-8

Week 13: at Los Angeles Rams (Dec. 4)

Game prediction: Rams 21, Seahawks 10. 

It took over three months to finally play the Super Bowl defending champions. Unless Matthew Stafford's arm injury worsens by this time, the Rams will win at home in a convincing fashion. 

Seahawks current win-loss record: 3-9

Week 14: vs. Carolina Panthers (Dec. 11)

Game prediction: Panthers 20, Seahawks 17. 

A very winnable game that will end with the Panthers booting a game-winning field goal as time expires. Not great. 

Seahawks current win-loss record: 3-10.

Week 15: vs. San Francisco 49ers (Dec. 15)

Game prediction: Seahawks 17, 49ers 14. 

The Seahawks have the advantage of A) already being at home and B) not having to travel before this nationally televised game kicks off Thursday night. Maybe this loss puts a damper in the 49ers' playoff aspirations. 

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Seahawks current win-loss record: 4-10.

Week 16: at Kansas City Chiefs (Dec. 24)

Game prediction: Chiefs 45, Seahawks 13. 

Sigh. Please don't be too mean, Patrick Mahomes. 

Seahawks current win-loss record: 4-11. 

Week 17: vs. New York Jets (Jan. 1)

Game prediction: Seahawks 20, Jets 10. 

Could this be the last win of the Seahawks' 2022 season? 

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Seahawks current win-loss record: 5-11. 

Week 18: vs. Los Angeles Rams (Jan. 8)

Game prediction: Rams 28, Seahawks 7. 

(Yes, last week was the last win of the Seahawks season.)

Seahawks current win-loss record: 5-12. 

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