If you're unaware of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's elusiveness, you've been living under a rock (or you just don't watch the NFL).

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback is a dual-threat in every sense of the term. Wilson can dominate opposing defenses with his arm and his legs.

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While the Jaguars have a vaunted playmaking defense with plenty of talent up front, Wilson is probably the hardest quarterback to sack in the NFL.

He can extend plays, making opposing defenses crumble in coverage.

"He definitely can extend plays, I think that's the biggest thing," Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack said.

"The play is never over with him unless the whistle gets blown. I [saw] one play, they were just playing Sunday night, he was scrambling and threw a lateral. He's definitely going to be a challenge himself and he's tough, you've just got to contain him and make him pass the ball because if not and he's running around, it can get crazy."

Wilson's ability to extend plays has an immediate impact on both the running and passing attacks. Cornerback A.J. Bouye compares Wilson's combination of mobility and passing prowess to that of former two-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Bouye said it's a test in fundamentals with Wilson. The veteran cornerback said he and his teammates will need to be disciplined against the veteran quarterback, especially in coverage.

"You have to focus on you," Bouye said.

"Just like we need to focus on our technique and focus on what he does [well] and eliminate that. Similar to Aaron Rodgers, he extends the plays and throws downfield. He's having an MVP season - no debate - and he showed that this past [Sunday night] against the Eagles. We're just going to have to stay on top of everything."

Veteran defensive end Calais Campbell is very familiar with Wilson from his days in the NFC West. He knows the challenge that comes with pass rushing the Seattle quarterback.

"You definitely want to keep him in the pocket, you want to pressure him and you want to make him uncomfortable back there," Campbell said. "He's a talented player, so at the end of the day, you've got to just play ball and try what you need to do to win."

Defensive tackle Malik Jackson has added incentive when it comes to beating the Seahawks. Jackson was part of the Denver Broncos team that was blown out by the Seahawks, 43-8, in 2014.

He will have an opportunity to get some revenge against Wilson and the Seattle squad Sunday.

"I'm going in there with that chip on my shoulder, thinking about that Super Bowl," Jackson said.

"Should be fun."

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