Ten days after someone vandalized the Ken Griffey Jr. statue outside Safeco Field, we heard from the man who created it.

"There's an emotional connection to these sports heroes in this town, and it's really a shame that something like that had to happen," said Lou Cella.

He's in town this weekend for the dedication ceremony of the Don James statue at the University of Washington. Cella, was called upon for that honor as well, forever memorializing the legendary football coach nicknamed the Dawgfather.

Cella is from Chicago and first worked with Seattle on the statue for legendary Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus. And while many Mariners fans remember Niehaus, Griffey was gold for the Mariners in the mid 90's, a household name.

So when video was released this week showing someone walking up to the statue around 5 p.m. on October 17 and bending the bat back and forth until snapped off, there was anger and confusion. While police responded quickly to the flood of calls and caught up to the man with the bat in hand, many are still asking why. Others want to know what this will mean for the statue.

"I understand doing this that any public art is subject to vandalism; that's a chance you take. Nobody wants to put a fence around a sculpture, you want people to be able to touch it. You want them to have that kind of interaction with it," said Cella.

No timeline has been given, but he says he's working with the Mariners, and they will come up with a plan to fix the statue.