Even in retirement, Marshawn Lynch is stealing the show.

During Saturday night's Washington vs. Cal game, Cal honored the former Seahawks running back and Cal Bears star by handing out Marshawn Lynch stolen injury car bobbleheads, to commemorate the classic moment 10 years ago, when a young Beast Mode took a victory lap of sorts behind the wheel.

And to everyone's delight, Beast Mode showed up at last night's game, wildly driving a custom cart on the field before the game, with his mom in the passenger seat.

Afterward, Mama Lynch told ESPN she was "shaking like a leaf on a tree" with her son behind the wheel.

Bay Area rapper E-40 was also at the game, blasting a few rhymes on the speakers. He also got to test out Marshawn's new ride.

Cal took it one step further, doing a little Lynch cart card stunt in the stands.

Another magical Beast Mode moment you can relive again and again.

(Via For The Win)