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Prep Zone: Seelhoff sisters are a triple threat on the Glacier Peak soccer team

Getting back on the field for high school soccer has been extra special for the Seelhoff family from Snohomish.

SNOHOMISH, Wash. — It’s the first soccer game of the season for Glacier Peak High School. And while the stands remain empty, Maddie Seelhoff’s heart is full.  

“I'm planning on making the most out of these games, going out, we have nothing to lose," Maddie said. "Why not win every single one?” 

Maddie is now a senior and she’ll play for the University of Montana next year. But this is her last chance to play with her sister Chloe.  

“Definitely, I love playing with her," Maddie said. "We connect well, and I can tell her what to do on-field, and she can tell me." 

Chloe is a junior and has committed to play for the University of Washington.   

“I like being the best on the field. I compete every day, I try to get better," Chloe said. "Failure leads to success and I'm always working my hardest and having as much fun as I can.” 

She’s cherishing one final run with her big sister, “We're so competitive at practice and then when we get on the field, we work so well together." 

Maddie agrees, “When we were back in our little select days, Chloe would play up on the same team as us and just last year was our first year back together for high school and it was awesome."

But Maddie and Chloe aren't the only Seelhoff sisters on the field. Their youngest sister Ella is a freshman on the varsity squad.  

“It's kind of weird to think that I'm on both my sisters' teams, like I've never been on their team," Ella said. "And I honestly didn't know if I was going to make varsity, so it was a big shock and excitement that I did."

Grizzlies Coach Melinda Torre said, “I will tell you, the Seelhoffs are competitive as all get out." 

Torre played professionally in Germany after playing for the UW Huskies. She knows what it takes to be good and says the Seelhoff sisters have it figured out. 

“There's just always this determination of how to reach the next level, how to be better than the next person, how to raise their standards. I think their parents held high standards and they had high expectations,” Torre said.

Parents Josh and Amy both coached their girls at a young age. They preached balance between athletics and academics.  

All three girls currently have 4.0 GPAs and are having the time of their lives playing together. 

“It's like, unbelievable," Ella said. "I never would have thought that was real. I feel bad for Maddie because it's her senior year and that was our only chance, and we finally got it, because I thought it was going to go to waste. But it didn't!" 

Maddie said, “I know it's my parent's biggest dream come true to be able to see all of us at the same time, even if they have to watch the live stream. But I'm looking forward to it." 

No playoffs and no fans this season, but that’s ok. It’s three sisters playing the game they love, with the people they love even more.