SPOKANE, Wash. – It is certainly true that Gonzaga fans come from all over the country, but do they come from Gonzaga rivals? Sometimes, they certainly do.

Some Brigham Young University grads made an appearance on the Gonzaga campus, but were decked out in Gonzaga gear on Monday. The Porter family was on a day four of their spring break excursion.

“We’re kind of camping out, and just hitting the high spots,” Michael Porter, BYU Alum said.

They hail from Alpine, Utah and were traveling throughout the northwest with trailer in tow, and unicycles to hit any trails they come upon.

“Our oldest son is at BYU, we’re BYU graduates, our fathers worked for BYU,” Christine Porter, BYU Alum said.

Of course, they did have to point out BYU’s triumphs in the Kennel.

“BYU’s a great school, I guess we’ve played here a few times over the past few years and done quite well,” Michael said.

But, they were quick to say that Monday, they were all about the Zags.

“What’s good for Gonzaga is good for BYU, we’re in the same conference. We’re rooting for Gonzaga all the way,” Michael said.

Michael Porter’s brother, also a BYU grad, now lives in Spokane and he has converted the whole family to honorary Zag fans.

“A small religious school during this well, playing in a big national game, that’s great,” Christine said.

The Porters said they would not be in the Kennel Monday night because they have a tight schedule to keep since they were covering so much territory, but they said they had to come and see the Kennel since they have heard so much about it.

Although they weren’t in the Kennel Monday night, they did promise they would watch the game, cheering the Zags on for all 40 minutes.