SPOKANE, Wash. – Gonzaga fans are scrambling to buy Bulldog gear, and now they’re finding it on various street corners throughout Spokane. But how do you tell if those apparel vendors are in fact allowed to sell these items?

Tents are popping up all over the City of Spokane with vendors selling Gonzaga University apparel ranging from Final Four t-shirts, lanyards, and flags. Pretty much everything you need to properly cheer on the Zags on Saturday.

“I’ve gone to a few myself to check them out and they are. They have the licensed sticker. That’s what people should look for,” Director of Trademark and Licensing, Sam McDonald said, “If there’s a logo of GU and no sticker. That’s when there are problems.”

A vendor at 57th and Regal used a sign to say they were selling licensed gear.

Sure enough, there was a hologram sticker on all the gear for sale at that location, along with the necessary permits to sell in that area.

Ed McCain set up his tent on Sunday on the corner of Hamilton and Trent.

Ed is from out of state, which has people and shirt companies like Zome Design concerned these vendors take away from local dollars. Though, Ed said he is helping the local economy.

“Because we have teams here we support the locals. We got the hotels, we eat here,” McCain said, “of course the college gets the money too.

As of Thursday, Gonzaga University was the number one most popular school among the Final Four in apparel sales.