Seattle Seahawks fans don’t need an astrophysicist to tell them that quarterback Russell Wilson is capable of otherworldly heroics on the football field. But coach Pete Carroll did reach out to one this week for help in explaining a play in Sunday night’s win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

During a fourth-quarter scramble, Wilson avoided getting creamed by defenders when he pitched the ball to running back Mike Davis, trailing to Wilson’s right. Because the play happened beyond the line of scrimmage, rules dictate that that pitch must travel backwards. When the ball left Wilson’s hand it appeared to be going backwards, but the momentum of the runners also made it look like Davis caught it ahead of where it was pitched.

Television replays, and the NBC “Sunday Night Football” commentators, called the play into question, but Philadelphia failed to challenge and the Seahawks drive stayed alive on the way to a 24-10 victory.

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