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Foot, knee, hip, or back pain? Customized arch support can help

The Good Feet Store offers personalized fittings to ensure your feet are properly supported to ease pain and discomfort. Sponsored by The Good Feet Store.

Your feet withstand a great deal of pressure from the rest of your body each day. When they aren’t supported correctly, it can cause pain in your feet but also your knees, hip, and back.

“Your feet are 2 percent of your mass, but they hold up the other 98,” said Jeff Perkins of The Good Feet Store. “If they’re in bad shape, the rest of you is in bad shape.”

The Good Feet Store offers personalized arch support for people of all ages who experience pain and discomfort.

When a customer visits The Good Feet Store, an Arch Support Specialist takes a biomechanical footprint to see how the foot interacts with the ground. They also discuss a customer’s lifestyle, goals and any pain they may experience.

“When we see anything different than that ideal footprint, what it’s really telling us is that the four arches inside of our feet aren’t functioning correctly,” Perkins said. 

This means that the body has to make compensations throughout the day, which then causes pain and soreness. 

The job of the customized arch supports is to activate the four arches of the feet and get them to share the workload properly. After being fitted, the customer then takes a balance test to ensure the fit is correct. 

The Good Feet Store’s patented 3-Step System is designed to strengthen, maintain, and relax your feet into their ideal position. 

The Strengtheners help build new muscle memory to reposition and strengthen the feet. The Maintainers are applicable to more activities, like workouts, and are designed to maintain the arch infrastructure and provide support. Relaxers help support the feet too but also help them rest and recover. 

Fittings at The Good Feet Store are free and focus on finding precision support for your feet. This allows you to try the arch support options before you buy. 

“That’s the best part of the experience is you get to put it in your own shoes, take a little test walk up and down our runway and experience it for yourself long before you even spend a dime,” Perkins said. 

Learn more and schedule your free fitting and test walk at The Good Feet website

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